Sunday, March 17, 2013

SPOTLIGHT • Brick Lane Bike-jacket

It's been a while since we've posted something new. We've had a lot of stuff going on the last couple of weeks. We shot our NewBorn-concept, we're changing jobs, feeling blue about this dreadful winter, etc.

But to give you guys some fresh content I'm quickly uploading this Spotlight. It's about the collaboration between Brick Lane Bikes and H&M. Brick Lane Bikes is the trendsetter-enterprise when it comes to fixed gear. In this collaboration they wanted to create a clothing-line that would reflect their style AND which would be comfortable when riding bikes.

I bought the key-jacket. It absolutely fits my style and is a great addition to my Spring-Wardrobe.

Thursday, March 7, 2013

SPOTLIGHT • Bershka Bag

Tuesday was another big day for Sam Anvers. We went to Ostend to shoot another Sam Anvers-concept. The weather was absolutely beautiful with temperatures rising up to 16° Celsius. Shooting the concept, which was given the name 'New Born', went very well and in addition we took the opportunity to work on some other content.

The new Spotlight was one of those new things. It's all about my Bershka-dustbag. I bought it a couple of months ago at Bershka Ghent. (Because the Antwerp-store doesn't have a men's section, booh!) I think it was perfect for this occasion. I was wearing my biker-jacket and my outfit in general was rather black. Carrying this bag gave the outfit a hint of alternative brightness.

Back to editing the New Born-concept!

Wednesday, March 6, 2013

GAW • Budapest I

So I've been travelling a lot the last couple of years. You can categorize those trips in different rankings, but the overall experience-ranking is by far the most important (and admittedly the hardest one). But if there's one trip that has absolutely earned it's spot in the top 3, it has to be


Exactly one year ago, February 2012, I was really starting to get into travelling. The last trip I made was a weekend off to Paris in December and the following week-off wouldn't be until May. But February is generally known to be a calm month at work. So when my manager asked me if I could take an extra week off, I greedily accepted. I knew that on Friday, I booked on Saturday and I left on Sunday.

And since all this came on really short notice, I couldn't find anyone who could join me. So I called the shot and went alone. I remember the night before I departed, I had to sleep at a hotel near the airport and I was this nervous I couldn't sleep all night long.

But the trip turned out to be amazing. Travelling solo gave me the freedom to see and do what I wanted. For instant: I got to have my rush-hour-moment. That's when I get myself a coffee-to-go and walk along the herd of people going to work. Just to experience everyday-life in a foreign city.

Budapest is divided by the Danube-river and by historical terms has specific names for each part. The Buda-side and the Pest-side. Previously these were two separate cities and when they merged they wanted to combine the two names. They initially wanted to call the new city Pestbuda, but some bright mind came to the realization that that was a huge tongue-breaker, on which they changed it to Budapest.

Buda is still the old part of the city. Small colorful houses in small streets and alleys, a castle on a hill and the majority of national museums. Buda reflects the main architectural stereotypes of traditional Central-Europe. Pest is a very different story. It's far more contemporary. It's the part of town that has broad boulevards, large squares and large homes. With an important residential, economical and recreational function, this part of town is where the average civilian spends his time.

More on my experiences in Budapest, later. 

Next GAW: April, 3 (When we'll be in NYC, yay!) 

Monday, March 4, 2013

H&M A/W2013 Fashion show

On Thursday, right in the middle of Paris Fashion Week, H&M came out with their very own runway show.

It's been several years since they've done that. And frankly,I was clueless to what to expect. The event took place at the fabulous Musée Rodin. The decor was absolutely beautiful. It wasn't one spacious room with an elevated runway but an apartment-like divided room. The interior was 70's inspired which gave the event a 'vintage-meets-luxury' kind of atmosphere.

H&M created a very atypical fashion show where you felt like you had models running around in your house. And where they are allowed to smile and feel happy. A good strategy for a retail company. It's like saying: "Fashion is happiness for every day.

When it comes down to fashion we saw a lot of black, transparent fabrics, over-knee-boots and pieces that were inspired by Yves Saint Laurent and Alexander McQueen.

But please, see for yourself:

Thursday, February 28, 2013

EVENT • YSL-exhibition

By Silke

I’m on my way home right now. By train, of course, which became a big part of my daily routine. However, this wasn’t a day like any other. It was an important day for the Sam Anvers team.
Jeroen and I decided to dedicate this day to Sam Anvers. We planned to visit the exhibition of Yves Saint Laurent to get some inspirational vibes. In the afternoon we had a few castings and looked for some well-dressed people in Ghent. 

When Jeroen and I saw each other in Brussels, I realized we both have had a tough morning.
I had to wake up at 6a.m. and spent for about 3 hours in the train or bus. Jeroen was so tired he didn’t hear his alarm that morning which means he had to prepare himself and get to the station in twenty minutes.
I think it’s normal that we decided to have breakfast first, in Starbucks. -I wonder if one day Starbucks will thank us for all the mentioning we already did.-
Afterwards we decided to have a look at the exhibition of Yves Saint Laurent. It surprised me how talented YSL was. He was an awesome designer that could handle a lot of styles. In the exhibition you could see the drawings of all his collections, from the 1960’s to 2002. It inspired me to start drawing again. My creations are worthless in comparison with those ones, but I’m happy with the level I already reached. In the future I will probably post some of my creations on this blog.
It was fascinating to see how fashion evolves and what a huge role designers play in this evolution. Yves Saint Laurent is known because of his masculine clothes for women, bold colors and affordable accessories. Especially that first thing was very unusual in the 1960’s. Others were afraid that pants would be detrimental for women’s curves, but YSL said that pants will accentuate the curves and maximize the difference between men and women.
Hard to believe, but he was right. His intentions were very clear: he wanted to create a new type of women. He wanted women to be independent and able to live on their own.
Also the fabrics and accessories Yves Saint Laurent used were breathtaking. We have seen a lot of special things. One creation that fascinated the both of us was a knee-length dress with metallic details on it. The lower part of the dress consisted of ostrich hair. Unfortunately I couldn’t find a picture of it on the internet but believe me if I say that this was one of the most beautiful things I have ever seen.
One of the employees in the exhibition started talking to us about the factors and materials YSL used. There was a floral dress from which the flowers were totally made of pearls. Jeroen and I didn’t notice that before because the pearls were very small. The woman made us realize how much time it takes to create such a dress. If you ever wonder why designer clothes are that expensive, you should definitely get a look at it thoroughly.
It’s very clear: Yves Saint Laurent changed women’s world. Jeroen and I spent some hours at the exhibition but time passed by very quickly. Afterwards we had dinner in Brussels and took a train to Ghent.
We were ready to work on our future plans. Ready to meet some new models and organize the next fotoshoot. 
Possibly our very own YSL-story.

Sunday, February 24, 2013

SPOTLIGHT • Black Jack

Yesterday we pretty much toured around half the country. And I'm not gonna' lie, it was pretty fun. After having had breakfast at Starbucks Brussels we went to the Yves Saint Laurent exhibition that's running in the ING Cultural Center. But more on that later!

After going to Brussels we took the 1 o'clock train to Ghent, which we've visited very frequently since the foundation of the Sam Anvers-project. There we did the castings for the upcoming 'NewBorn'-project. (Another thing we're very excited about).

And we did all this in fabulous black. Well to be very honest it's not like I thought it over very thoroughly. I overslept dramatically and had to rush my morning. But going all black is an easy yet great style to rock an entire day.

So yeah, black is awesome!

Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Editorial #2

The future belongs to those who prepare for it today, as Malcolm X once said. This quote is a good summary of what 2012 meant for me. It was a year of change and decisions. 
One of the biggest decisions has been made in October. As they expect from a good student, I was listening to a teacher in one of our small auditoria. At the same time I was chatting with Jeroen who was traveling again and told me what he had experienced last couple of days. When I was listening to Jeroen, talking about all his experiences, I got the need to add something exciting to life. It didn't matter what, as long as it was something that really interests me. It had to give a certain value to my life.
At that particular moment, Jeroen proposed me something that would change my life. It was exactly what I needed. Something that would break the daily routine of going to school and making my exercises.
He asked whether I wanted to help with his new project. The intention was that we would organize photoshoots together which would be beneficial for the both of us. Jeroen decided to take the creative aspect to one of his responsibilities. He wants to develop a portfolio which he can use by finding a job where he can express his creativity.
I would have to take the pictures and improve them afterwards. The more I work with my camera and Photoshop, the better it is for me. The reason is that Photography and Photoshop are part of my curriculum at school. 
I decided to accept the challenge because it felt like a dream coming true. Sam Anvers isn't only what I like to do, it's also a creative way to improve my grades. 
From that day on, Sam Anvers became a very important part of our lives. 
This is the short version of how Sam Anvers began. It’s a project of young people, reaching for their goals. We realize that Sam Anvers is still very simple and that we'll have to work hard to make it successful. But we're not afraid to take risks, as long as they're worth it. 
I sincerely hope you’ll follow us on our way to our dream.
From the Sam Anvers-team

Starbucks Neumarkt Cologne is where the story began.